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Thad grew up in the car business with his dad being a close associate of Roger Penske. However this is no tale of someone being handed the keys to the store, rather of someone who has forged his way to the top and earned the respect of Metro Detroit's car dealers.

Thad is passionate about developing a culture that permeates through every aspect of his 5 dealerships in Metro Detroit. One testament to that culture is that he has a large number of employees who have been there over 10 years. You will hear how Thad actively works on that culture everyday that is a lot more than just a code of ethics.

You will also hear about those hard decisions such as when Thad had to part ways with a high performing employee, numbers wise, but they could not fully buy in to the company culture.

If you want to establish a strong culture to be associated with your brand and business then this is a must listen to episode.

Thad has also been heavily involved with charities and the local schools.