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As we wrap up season 2 we go back through some of our guests this season and take lessons from the thoughts they have shared in the last 20 minutes of each of their episodes.

We have found that the first part of the interview sets the stage for their story and that in the last 20 minutes people are fully emersed and comfortable. This can be where raw truths and heartfelt reflections take place.

While we haven't had time in this wrap up to play exerts from all our interviews, they all had clip worthy segments we could have used.

Hear us discuss a few of these exerts and why we chose them.

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We have a number of great guests lined up for series 3 which will be coming in April.

Until then, go back through some episodes you haven't heard yet and if you have any potential guests you want to suggest, please contact on instagram or email

Lastly on episode 9 of this season we spoke with Dave Dwaihy of DCFC. Their season opener is March 23rd @4pm and tickets are available on their website. 

See you in 5 weeks!