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Today more than ever people want a higher purpose attached to their work or job and running a charity that positively impacts many lives when people are going through hard times fits that description. However, what does it actually take to successfully manage a lead a non profit?

This conversation with Jen covers many areas such as being in a position where you manage 'down' with all your staff and then manage 'up' when dealing with your board.

We talk about the challenges managing a non profit and constantly needing to meet ever increasing fundraising goals. Jen also relays a story of one of their biggest donations which came from someone who saw Jen talk at a small event.

One other thing we talk about is the concept of building and passing on a legacy as Jen has been in the role over 20 years and she feels that in the next 5 years she may retire.

Lastly, you will learn that Ronald McDonald House Charities only get 30% of their funding from McDonalds and often have to battle the pre conception that McDonalds almost fully funds the charity. 


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