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Traditional thinking indicates that you find a great product/service/idea and then you build a business around it.

Traditional thinking was not for Amy, whether that was in her passion for women's rugby or her determination since the age of 14 to break into MLB at the executive level.

When Amy achieved her dream role in her 20's, after a few years she started to feel the pull more and more to create a business around a vision she had to empower women at a local shelter.

Her business culture and vision was formed before she found the vehicle of jewelry to help bring them to life. To help understand her journey from sports executive to a small business owner driven by purpose and mission we spend time talking about where she grew up and how her upbringing helped shape her.

Self belief and resilience is very evident in Amys story, whether it is overcoming the countless rejections for MLB organizations, or the challenges presented from misjudged hires.

Amy candidly talks about moments of self doubt she experienced after a culmination of issues, which she overcame by digging in to her reserves of self belief and focusing on the vision of Rebel Nell.

Be prepared to relate and be inspired by Amy's vision, hustle and entrepreneurial spirit


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