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"Sell me 50% of your store and I promise you will make more owning 50% than you are currently owning 100% of it"

This was the offer Mike made to his uncle when he was 24 and wanted to take on more responsibility after having worked in the only location of premier Pet Supply for a few years.

Mike talks about the challenge of being a leader in your 20's managing peers you age as well as older team members. He also discusses how he got people behind his vision of growth for the store after years of being just a one location business.

You will hear how, through focusing on a hands on approach, he has built a community with a loyal customer base. That customer base and the attention to the little details helped Premier Pet Supply navigate COVID and help hold their market share as online giants like Chewy emerged.

Most importantly Mike will tell you how to use 2 brooms to solve the situation of a wild deer crashing into his store and running rampage!

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