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Transitioning from the alcoholic beverage world to the Non-Alcoholic business world.

Mark is best known for his role with Atwater Brewery, the company he first invested in and later purchased in its entirety. During his two decades at the helm, Mark leveraged his automotive background to help Atwater grow into the fourth largest (of more than 350) craft breweries in Michigan, producing and distributing dozens of beers, plus award-winning hard seltzers, spirits and four unique taphouse destinations. 

Mark successfully sold his business to Molson Coors in 2020 and then remained as its president for 18 months to ensure a smooth transition

Since then Mark has started Detroit Liquid Ventures and has as a flagship product - Ful non-alcoholic beer. Mark is passionate about producing a great product to fill the demand in the ever growing 'sober curious' market sector.

Hear how Mark made Atwater successful, coming through challenges such as being 2 weeks away from closing in 2008, to now deciding when to exit and how to pivot to a fast growing emerging sector worldwide.

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