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I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone that has helped us achieve hundreds of downloads in our first 5 weeks. Here we take a look back at the episodes so far and some of the main themes discussed by our guests.

I am excited to announce that Jordanna Cheifetz, who owns JAC Digital, has joined the podcast as our new co-host. Jordanna specializes in social media services for corporations and as well as appearing on the podcast she will help deliver video for Youtube and social media content for The Self Belief Podcast.

I also wanted to take a moment to explain the origin and the goals of this podcast.

This podcast was set up to tell local and relatable stories about the careers and journeys of successful and influential people in Metro Detroit. It focuses on those moments where people had to draw deep on their reserves of self belief and determination in their careers.

My aim is to ask questions that make our guests think deeply, and with honesty, as they provide the answers. While I look to challenge our guests in a number of ways we also genuinely want to take them on a journey through their achievements. In doing so we hope they are able to see their legacy up to this point in a new light and that they leave our studio feeling good about that legacy in progress and the results it has provided.