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"When we opened in Detroit there was a population of 700,00 of which 53% were women. That meant there were more boobs than people!" - Lee Padgett

Hear Lee talk about her inspiration for opening a bra shop in downtown Detroit and her growth since to multiple stores and cities. When Lee ran a coffee shop downtown in the early 2000's, a conversation with a judge who was having an 'emergency bra issue' sowed a seed. That seed would literally wake her up in the middle of the night 5 years later with the idea and conviction to return to Detroit from North Carolina and open a bra shop.

It wasn't a straight line to bra shop owner it was one via the Navy, then via being a chemist, to a coffee shop owner and then retail. Hear how Lee made those choices and how personal experiences and tragedy has shaped her and called her to question her previously held definitions of strength and weakness.

Sure, the subject matter may not entice our male listeners straight away but I encourage you to listen to get insights on business from Lee. As for insights on bras..... all you need to know is to go ahead get your female significant others a Busted Bra shop gift voucher for Valentines Day!

Lastly, Lee has started a hashtag, #doorsnotapps to encourage people to shop local and support local small businesses rather than order online at giant, out of state companies.