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How do you keep growing and developing your business when life gets in the way? 

On 2/3/2013 Kens first child, Brady, was born which in itself, can be exciting and a lot to deal with at the same time. However the day before Brady was born, Kens father passed away and 3 months earlier in November 2012 Kens mother had passed away.

Ken got his head down and powered through that time, pushing all those emotions inside while running his business and managing his people. The next 3 years were a real struggle and it wasn't until he truly started working on himself and developing personal routines each morning that gave him structure to start his day, that his business started to sky rocket again.

As you will hear, Ken started entry level in B2B full commission sales fresh out of Penn State when he was 23 and he quickly moved through a training program where in just over a year, the business owner he worked for felt comfortable to give him seed money to start his own location in Columbus OH.

Ken grew his company and went from strength to strength, quickly becoming responsible for multiple offices nationwide that provided face to face marketing for large national brands such as AT&T, Verizon and Quill/Staples. He has now run his company for just over 20 years and you will not only hear about his challenges but you will also get a sense for how much Ken cares for everyone who works with him and he shows up with intention each day to help those in his company achieve and exceed their goals

Back in 2006 I worked with Ken in his Atlanta location and when he moved to Michigan in 2013 we reconnected. Not only is Ken a person I respect and like on many levels for all that he has achieved and stands for personally, he is also a team mate of mine on the UK Royals over 40 soccer team!

Please make sure to connect with Ken on Linkedin and follow his YouTube channel, the Klear channel, which is filled with great leadership content.