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It is 9 days in to 2024 - how are you resolutions going? Are you sticking to them and going strong working towards your goals?

What if I told you it would take 6,415 days before you would achieve your goal? How would you handle that mentally? 

George Clark had to deal with the mental anguish, sense of injustice and many other challenges when he was sentenced to life in prison. He missed 17 years of his kids lives and his mother died the 3rd year he was in prison.

We talk to George about how he kept his self belief, especially when re trails 5 years into his sentence of his fellow exoneree in the case, Kevin Harrington, ended up in a hung jury twice then another conviction on the third time. If Kevin had been exonerated at that time it would have been likely George would have too.

We also discuss with George and Valerie about the many mis steps that lead to a conviction of George even though he had an alibi and there was no DNA evidence against no. 

Listen to George and compare his story to how you would imagine you would cope in the same situation. Also, if you are a person who thinks, "well, there is no smoke without fire" and finds it hard to believe all exonerees are truly innocent, then you need to listen to this.

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