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How do you know when to make the leap of leaving your job/career to go follow a different passion?

Frank grew up studying opera in NY and then used his musical talents to grow a career as a cantor. Outside of his work he started roasting his own coffee at home in the garage and he became deeply passionate about it. Finally after 10 years of doing that, he left his role as a cantor behind and opened Chazzano coffee roasters.

You will hear Frank talk about being detail orientated in his business plan and how he started to grow his wholesale accounts. It wasn't all plain sailing and he made errors with staffing, wages and on occasion pricing as he started out.

If you currently have a 'hobby' that you dream will one day become a business then Frank is a must listen.

Next time you are in Berkley stop by and visit Frank for some great coffee and he is always happy to give people a tour of his roasting operation.