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Its not a bad first job out of college when you work directly with a president for 4 years. That was the role Ethan got working with President Reagan the last 4 years of his life that set him on a trajectory of public service.

You will hear about some of the lessons learnt by working on a daily basis with President and Mrs Reagan and how the ideas and principles of finding common ground and creating community shape Ethan's leadership style today.

Today, Nov 7, as this episode is being released, it is election day and Ethan is running unopposed for his second term as Mayor of Troy. His first term started 2 months before COVID arrived and changed all his plans and agenda for the role.

Hear how Ethan likes to lead and form consensus. One of his 'secrets' of how to do this is when you want something done, bring people together to an event/meeting and give them food and drink................. Now that's a campaign promise I can get behind