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"We all have to go through hard things, and thats OK"

David talks about how he started his business 10 years ago with minimal funds and a small loan at a 32% interest rate. You will hear how he built MECA to where now he has multiple locations and over 60 staff.

Just because the business has grown, it doesn't mean the struggles have gone away and David is very honest about maintaining a work/life balance and being able to be productive when your personal life keeps throwing up challenges.

He has become the go to trainer for many pro athletes but you don't have to be a pro athlete, or indeed an 'athlete' at all to train at his gyms and he details 5 heathy habits that anyone can apply to their life.

Whether its your personal brand or your business, if you want insight in how to be seen as an expert in your field then this is the episode for you.

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