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The story of DCFC has been well publicized nationally and internationally however Dave, who rarely gives interviews, shares a number of new perspectives on the DCFC journey since himself and Sean Mann started loosely discussing forming a soccer team back at Kalamazoo college, Michigan.

Since 2012 DCFC has become emblematic of the city's growth and in some ways, just literally like their mascot uniform, it has emerged from a dumpster, starting from scratch and going from strength to strength.

Dave talks about the philosophy of their ownership since their first match at Cass Tech where they embodied the concept of, "Our supporters are the life of the party and we are just the hosts". 

The club motto, Passion for Our City, Passion for the Game, evokes the three ideas the grassroots organization was built upon: to satisfy the demand for soccer in downtown Detroit, represent the city in a positive light, and build community through “the beautiful game.”

Now the club, that is well known for its raucous atmospheres, plays in the second tier of North American soccer and Dave is not only an owner but also the head coach of the DCFC women's team.

Hear Dave get personal and talk about what the growth has meant to him, his family, his friends, and what he hopes he and the club will keep bringing and contributing to the city as a whole.


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