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Imagine being 18 years old with children aged 18 and six months old and hearing the sentence of life without parole, or death while incarcerated as Darryl calls it, being announced by the judge for a crime you didn't commit.

If that did not test Darryl's self belief sufficiently, 7 years in to his sentence the original judge said his conviction should not stand however the Michigan Supreme court would not give him a retrial. After exhausting all efforts down that route Darryl ended up staying in prison another 22 years for a total of 29 before he was released by Gov Snyder in 2018.

We talk with Darryl about how he found purpose and was active in his kids lives from behind bars. He got an education and became a president of the NAACP while behind bars and created programs such as 'cared straight' for the youth.

We discuss the programs Darryl runs today such as Better together where he facilitates fellowship between police officers, gang members and all members of society without labels to help break down barriers.

You will hear Darryl's infectious energy as he promotes many projects and initiatives working alongside the Detroit police, business leaders and the community working to have people turn to each other, not on each other.