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This is our longest podcast but I promise you that you will wish it was longer.

Valerie Newman is a titan on the Detroit legal scene and was honored in 2019 by being inducted into Wayne States Hall of Fame. This honor acknowledges graduates whose extraordinary professional success and contributions, profound positive influence on Wayne Law, and high degree of character and integrity are recognized by their peers.

You will hear from Valerie on what it entails to argue a case in front of the supreme court . Not only the vast amount of small details and traditions that need to be adhered to but also the struggle to be able to argue a case there. Many lawyers encouraged Valerie to step away and pass the case on to a large law firm and all refused to partner with her on it apart from one.

Valerie has had to deal with not only the doubters but with outrageous acts of misogyny throughout her career too that have only made her resolve stronger to leave her industry a better place than she found it.

Valerie is always pursuing positive outcomes that benefit the pursuit of justice and in her current role she heads up the conviction integrity unit at Wayne County's prosecutors office. To date, that unit has had over 2000 case requests and has so far delivered relief for 36 individuals.

Valerie talks about the finality of the law and if the system is actually set up more to preserve its process than to truly achieve justice.

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