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A lot of people who own sports teams have that role passed on to them from family. That is not the case with Andy Appleby.

Andy arrived in MI in the 80s and started working for the Pistons as they were about to move into The Palace of Auburn Hills. Andy hustled, becoming a top salesperson and he built strong relationships with all his customers.

Andy rose to the role VP in the Palace Entertainment group, working closely with Tom Wilson and Bill Davison. Andy could have stayed in that prestigious, well paying role but he had the urge to strike out on his own and in 1998 he left to set up General Sports. 

Since then he has grown and diversified that company and owned Derby County, an English soccer team, and he currently owns the United Shore Professional Baseball League and its stadium in Utica MI.

Hear how Andy has always fallen back on hard work and self belief as he has accomplished many goals. not all were hit and you will hear how he could have been 15 times wealthier by now owning the St Louis Blues had it not been, 'the one that got away'.

For anyone looking to have a career in sports, or just loves sports and wonders what its like to own sports teams, this is a must listen to.

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